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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Now Available on Craftsy - Modern Folded Star

I have received a couple of emails of late that people are having a problem downloading the PDF instructions to my Modern Folded Star via Google docs.  I not sure what is going on with Google docs, things look good on my end, but since people are having trouble with it, I decided to offer it as a free download through Craftsy.  Enjoy! 

You can read more about this project here and here.

You can download your free PDF pattern here.

You can also download a free PDF pattern via Craftsy here.

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  1. Thank you! I love that pattern :)

  2. Girl, that is crazy awesome! That Star is insane! I love it and I love that you are giving it to us! I know that such generosity always comes back to the giver! Thanks so much girl, it's truly amazing! Kim :)

  3. What's old is new again. Would you believe that I made a whole bunch of those stars back in 1978-79? I remember making them for Christmas presents, using green and red calicoes. Well mine sure didn't look like yours which are MUCH prettier because of the lovely fabrics that are available now. It's very kind of you to share the pattern with others.


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